Our Frequently Asked Questions:


    • Q: What kind of website is epicfoodsupply.com?
    • A: This is a B2B website from EPIC Food Supply for customers in Europe and abroad.
      EPIC Food Supply is a one-stop shop for distributors and retailers with competitive prices. 
      We do not sell to private consumers.


    • Q: Do I need to register on your website to place an order?
    • A: Yes, you will have to create an account. We will verify your company information
      for approval. After approval, your account will be activated and access to our product prices,
      stock lists and special promotions will be granted.


    • Q: Why are there no product prices listed?
    • A: You will have access to the prices when you have created an account.


    • Q: What is the minimum order at EPIC Food Supply?
    • A: The minimum order is 1 pallet ex-works.


    • Q: Do you export full container loads?
    • A: Yes, our main goals are to maximize container loads and minimize costs.
      But we also do LCL, FTL and LTL. We can work with any freight forwarder of
      choice and we'll even provide you with several shipping quotes upon request.
      We will provide all required export documents for the customs.


    • Q: Can I order products that EPIC Food Supply doesn't carry?
    • A: If you can not find what you are looking for, just sent an email with your inquiry
      to your Account Manager. Our buyers will quote you the best deal, we will even
      place special orders for products we do not currently carry. For further information,
      questions, or concerns, please contact your Account Manager.


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